Documentation index

Lever is a language clever, pour a bever-
age and review. Code shall ensue.
This I tell you true
Lever Python is not
Lever is a language hot
Here is what with it you can do
You can a tasty beverage brew
Color the sky a new shade of blue
Lever has Python-isms
Similar concepts through shiny new prisms
But there are no schisms
Like Ruby and Perl, boy and girl,
the languages are friends, though it depends
Here is Lever's setup, no need to get up,
relax and review. Details are here for you
Prepare for fun under the Finnish sun
because of documentation there is a ton
Lever is a language clever, pour a bever-
age and review. Code shall ensue.

The documentation is here for you. Well, at least it will be.

It's all stubs that were autogenerated from a Lever runtime. It'll take a while that I get this all together and write a proper documentation for everything.

Some of the docs that should be here are in the repository (they are the '.text' files). They will be moved here once I get to do it.

Please note that the latest documentation is the latest documentation. This is what you get if you compile from the repository. The 0.8.0 is really old release by now, and it didn't have online documentation.

For questions and for hanging out we have a gitter chat room.

01. Manual pages

100. quick introIntroduction to the ideas behind Lever. With examples and illustrations.
500. technical overviewExplains the project structure. Describes how the runtime ticks.
501. futureLong term goals & strategies
700. contributorsListing contributors of this language
980. performanceLever needs to perform to occupy a niche of VR programming. Failure to perform fast is a failure of the language.
999. good codeGood coding practices and tips that apply on Lever. Short page but extended over time. Learn to write dynamically typed code that is safer, more maintainable and more reliable than most statically typed code.


apinot documented
asmnot documented
autodiffnot documented
baseA base module that is extended into a main module by default. Not completely documented.
binonnot documented
cnot documented
cffigennot documented
chartparserA parser engine
compilernot documented
consolenot documented
doctoolsDescribes how the documentation tools work in Lever. Not complete or comprehensive description.
dspnot documented
ffinot documented
fsnot documented
gcnot documented
grammarDescribes the language for attribute grammars used during Lever's parsing.
jitlognot documented
jsonnot documented
mmannot documented
netnot documented
optablenot documented
platformnot documented
printernot documented
processnot documented
renot documented
replnot documented
subtypingnot documented
texopicnot documented
tokenizerConverts strings into Lever tokens
vmprofnot documented
vrnot documented
vulkannot documented
weakrefnot documented
zlibnot documented